covid-19 update

As of 3/17/20



Any updates will be posted here and on our social media accounts:

As of March 16, the DOE  has decided to close public schools through March 27

and the Hawaii Department of Health has requested that all meetings of over  50 people be suspended for the next eight weeks.  The Preschool will be closed through March 27

or as long as DOE schools are closed.

Sunday morning messages will be pre-recorded and available for you to listen to or watch by Sunday morning. Notes will also be available and links will be posted below.

We recommend people returning home from overseas travel, or from locations with

a large number of cases, as well as elderly with underlying medical conditions, should

follow social distancing recommendations. 

programs available

Fall Session          August to May

Full Day $850.00 (6:30AM - 5:45PM)

Half Day $700.00 (7:30AM - 12:30PM)

Comprehensive Fee $250.00

Summer Session          June to July

Full Day $850.00 (6:30AM - 5:45PM)

Half Day $700.00 (7:30AM - 12:30PM)

Comprehensive Fee $75.00

Fees Include:

Snacks and Lunch, Field trips, Supplies

Enrollment Process: Call the office at (808) 671-6700 to schedule a tour and upon completion of the tour you will be given an enrollment application. Open enrollment begins in February. Application fees are $40.00 for Fall Session and $15.00 for Summer Session.

Mission and Purpose

Grace Fellowship Children’s Center provides a quality education and spiritual growth for Hawaii’s children (preschool - ages 3-4) by providing an environment that is based on the principles of the Christian faith. We desire to provide love and acceptance for each child and create a positive environment that will enhance their development. We believe a vital part of education includes a meaningful relationship with God through trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

Philosophy & objectives

We strive to create a learning environment that will help a child to develop spiritually, socially, mentally, emotionally and physically so they can love God, honor their parents, and respect their peers.  We also endeavor to help your children to: 


1. Develop a positive, wholesome attitude and appreciation of self and others.

2. Develop a broad background of experiences through excursions, special activities, visits from community helpers, etc.

3. Gain experiences in a readiness program which includes areas of language development, reading, math, science and writing.

4. Develop large and small muscle coordination and motor skills through outdoor and indoor activities.

5. Develop a thirst for knowledge.

6. Develop independence by encouraging practice of decision-making skills.

7. Develop a basic understanding of God and His love founded in His Son Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to contact us regarding enrollment, pricing, curriculum or any other questions you may have!

Phone and email listed below.  

Tours available upon request.